Welch Statement on Israel Supreme Court’s Rejection of Netanyahu’s Overreach

Jan 2, 2024

BURLINGTON, VT – Sen. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) released the following statement in reaction to Israel’s Supreme Court striking down a component of the divisive judicial overhaul led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government intended to undermine an independent judiciary and remove the Court’s ability to overturn government decisions deemed ‘unreasonable’:

“Israel’s Supreme Court rejecting the Netanyahu government’s divisive overreach is welcome and demonstrates that, even in moments of great darkness, democracy’s light can shine.

“My hope, which is shared by many in Israel and around the world, is that an independent system of checks and balances will ultimately prevail and the current government’s continuous threats to overhaul the judiciary and the government’s review processes will not stand. The people’s voices are clear—and in a democracy they must be respected.”