Press Release

Senator Welch Issues Statement on Guatemalan Presidential Election

Aug 22, 2023

BURLINGTONSenator Peter Welch (D-VT) released the following statement following Guatemala’s presidential election: 

“This weekend, the Guatemalan people cast their ballots in a runoff election to determine their future president and the future of their country. I am encouraged that Sunday’s election was carried out in a peaceful, orderly manner. Despite flagrant attempts by some government institutions to interfere in the electoral process, Bernardo Arévalo, who ran on an anti-corruption platform and pledged to tackle poverty and injustice in the country, won overwhelmingly.  

“Guatemala has long been plagued by corrupt leaders who abused their authority with impunity to stay in power and enrich themselves. This election may have helped to turn those tides and could very well be a watershed moment for the country. The outcome is not only an important opportunity to address the many economic, social, and security challenges affecting Guatemala, but one for the United States and Guatemala to forge a stronger relationship and work together to strengthen democratic institutions, especially the judiciary, and to defend independent media and civil society. Now, President-Elect Arévalo must show the Guatemalan people and the entire world what is possible when democracy prevails. I join millions of Americans in congratulating the Guatemalan people, and the President-Elect on yesterday’s election.” 

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