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Sen. Welch visits woman-owned business in Springfield

Feb 3, 2024

Senator Peter Welch and Co-Founder Sacsha Mayer during his Monday, January 29th tour of the Springfield Mamava Plant.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — Sen. Peter Welch paid another visit to Mamava manufacturing, impressed again by their creativity and job creation in the area. The business produces freestanding lactation pods.

On Monday, Jan. 29, Sen. Welch toured the facility at 260 Clinton Street, meeting with employees of the woman-owned business.

“It was amazing to have him come and visit and see where we have advanced to. He was very impressed with our facility, our staff and progress. It was a great day,” said Christine Dodson, co-founder and chief operations officer of Mamava. “Because Welch has always been a huge supporter of creative business solutions in Vermont, it is very encouraging.”

Mamava pods was an idea she and Sascha Mayer, co-founder and chief experience officer, came up with after noticing that women were still having to use bathroom stalls to breast feed or pump. That observation led them to the idea of portable lactation rooms, with lights and fans for aeration.

“They are portable free-standing spaces that plug into an outlet anywhere needed that gives the pods adjustable lighting, fans to keep the air from getting stagnant and a place to plug in breast pumps,” Dodson said.

Sen. Welch has shown incredible support over the last decade and when Mamava started their company 10 years ago, he was impressed by the creative and innovative product that flourished immediately. Today, the company provides 61 jobs in their Springfield manufacturing plant.

Mamava offers a comprehensive benefit package, according to Dodson, and although they have a low employee turnover rate, they’re always interested in taking on the right new employee.

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Story Written by Layla Kalinen, Eagle Times

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