Press Release

Welch Votes to Keep the Government Open, Extend the Farm Bill

Nov 15, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) tonight released the following statement after voting in favor of a stopgap government funding bill to avert a government shutdown and extend funding for crucial programs included in the Farm Bill:

“Tonight I voted for a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown that would have been disastrous for hardworking Vermonters and families across the country. This short-term funding bill will also avoid major upheaval for farmers and producers, and provide certainty by ensuring important Farm Bill programs are extended for one year as we continue work to pass a bipartisan, multi-year Farm Bill.

“Funding the government is ‘legislating 101’ in Congress, yet doing our duty of passing an annual bipartisan budget is increasingly challenging when the demands of a few extremists continue to derail negotiations. We cannot continue to kick the very dented can down the road and allow bimonthly spending fights that threaten Vermonters’ financial health and welfare to become the new normal. 

“As funding negotiations continue, I will keep pushing for priorities that Vermonters have called for, including disaster relief for communities impacted by this summer’s floods, support for our allies in conflict, and the humanitarian aid needed in the Middle East and across the globe.”

The two-tier, “laddered” resolution passed by an 87-11 margin in the Senate tonight secures funding for four annual spending bills through January 19, 2024. Additional federal agencies will be funded through February 2, 2024. The resolution also extends the 2018 Farm Bill for an additional year, ensuring funding for many programs at risk of expiration. The next bipartisan multi-year Farm Bill renewal is currently being negotiated by the House and Senate.