Press Release

Welch Statement on Vote to Advance Debate on National Security Supplemental Package

Dec 6, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) today voted to advance debate on President Biden’s national security supplemental package and released the following statement:

“Tonight, I voted to advance debate on a national security supplemental funding package. If the United States Senate is indeed the ‘world’s greatest deliberative body,’ we owe it to the people to have constructive debate around how their dollars are spent. 

“This supplemental package contains many important funding priorities for the U.S. and our allies: Humanitarian assistance for the more than 1.5 million civilians who are trapped and suffering in Gaza; funding to fight back against Putin’s aggression in Ukraine; resources for our Southern border and money to interdict dangerous drugs. 

“But, we still have work to do. While this supplemental package addresses priorities that are crucial to maintaining America’s national security, I remain deeply concerned about the use of taxpayer dollars to fund Netanyahu’s war plan, which increasingly disregards Gaza’s growing humanitarian crisis. I have been clear: the Netanyahu government must abide by international humanitarian law. This brutal bombing, laying waste to Gaza and killing thousands of defenseless people, must stop.

“As we continue negotiations, I will keep advocating vigorously to the Biden Administration and Senate leadership that taxpayer money should not fund Netanyahu’s current war plan–a plan that has gone far beyond what could credibly be called proportional or in accordance with basic humanitarian norms.” 

On Tuesday, November 28th, Sen. Welch called for an indefinite ceasefire to stop the bombing, prevent further loss of civilian life, extend access to humanitarian relief to those who have been displaced, and continue negotiations to secure hostages. Read his full statement on the need for a ceasefire and a strong recommitment to two-state solution.