Welch Statement on National Security Supplemental  

Feb 7, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following the release of a national security supplemental agreement, which included provisions to address the Israel-Gaza conflict, the war in Ukraine, and our nation’s border, the Senate took a procedural vote today to advance debate on the package. The Senate failed to advance the package and is considering an amended version of the supplemental deal. Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) released the following statement:  

“This vote was an opportunity to advance debate on a national security supplemental package that included border security provisions that Republicans in the Senate had demanded to earn their support. In rejecting this bill, Republicans have made clear they care more about preserving a political talking point on immigration than negotiating in good faith. And we’ve been here before — three times over the last decade, Democrats have come to the table on immigration, only for Republicans to back away.  

“In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the ultimate goal must be to free the hostages, remove Hamas from military control of Gaza, support the suffering innocent people of Gaza with durable humanitarian assistance, and create a lasting peace. Every action we take should advance those goals.    

“I was an early supporter of a ceasefire and I remain committed to ending the war and achieving peace. We should not provide more U.S. taxpayer dollars to Netanyahu’s government to advance his aggressive military campaign in Gaza, which has created a staggering humanitarian catastrophe, inflamed tensions in the Middle East, and eroded hope of a lasting two-state solution for peace.  

“In order for the Senate to function we must have robust debate on hard issues. That’s why I supported this procedural step in the process. It’s stunning the Republicans walked away from the opportunity to debate these important issues, particularly when it included the border provisions they demanded.”