Press Release

Welch Statement on Biden’s Border Policy Executive Order

Jun 4, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.Sen. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) today released the following statement on President Biden’s new Executive Order on border security:  

“There is no question our immigration system is broken. Immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers—who are critical to the success of Vermont and America—face unimaginable risks in reaching our country, only to then face unimaginable bureaucratic delays once they’re here. The implications are far-reaching, overwhelming our legal system and straining businesses and communities that benefit from immigration. Action is needed, and it is needed now—but so far Congress has been unwilling to come together to repair what is broken. 

“This Executive Order is a reaction to decades of partisan gridlock and President Biden has been left in a difficult position. We need an orderly immigration process, but only Congress can provide the tools to change the inherent cruelty of the status quo. Democrats came to the table earlier this year, and Republicans once again walked away. Ultimately, it is Congress’s obligation and Congress’s role to enact new policy. We need to get serious and come together to find solutions that encompass both an improved process at the border and a legal pathway for immigrants and Dreamers.”