Press Release

Welch Statement in Advance of Biden’s State of the Union

Mar 7, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) released the following statement in advance of tonight’s State of the Union Address: 

“I look forward to reflecting on the progress the Biden-Harris Administration has made in the last year. Gas is less expensive, Medicare is making historic moves and negotiating for lower drug prices, more people are working than at any point in our nation’s history, student loan borrowers are finally getting some much-needed debt relief, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is transforming communities with green, 21st century investments.    

“When it comes to the challenges we faced as a country, especially in the recovery period after the pandemic, there’s much to be proud of. But there are also opportunities for growth—and I look forward to working with President Biden and Vice President Harris to strengthen Vermont and our nation.    

“Top of the list for me are the issues that are at the top of the list for Vermonters: getting communities the resources they need to recover from last summer’s devastating flooding, combatting the shifting drug supply and meeting the overdose crisis head-on, protecting access to health care and women’s reproductive rights, building out affordable broadband across rural America, and lowering costs for housing and groceries to give families more breathing room. 

“I also hope to hear a strong commitment tonight to addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as well as support for Ukraine in its fight against Putin’s unprovoked aggression—both major priorities I hear from Vermonters about every day. 

“Congress is in the midst of tense budget negotiations, and the next funding deadline is hours away. For the sake of America’s hardworking families, finding common ground is essential. I have no doubt President Biden will deliver that message, and my colleagues—especially in the House—would be wise to listen. We can only deliver for the people by working together.”