Press Release

Welch Joins the United States Institute of Peace’s Congressional Newsmaker Series for a Conversation Exploring his Views on Critical Foreign Policy Issues

Dec 5, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) yesterday joined the United States Institute of Peace’s (USIP) Congressional Newsmaker Series for a conversation exploring his views on critical foreign policy issues and the importance of supporting democracy to secure enduring global peace, which includes addressing stability in the Western Balkans, rising authoritarianism in Central and South America, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the conflict in the Middle East. 

“Diplomacy saves lives. In Bosnia, during the war, and the Siege of Sarajevo, there was enormous ethnic conflict—violence as a tool of war, violence as a political means to wipe out anyone dissenting or deemed the other,” said Sen. Welch after the event. “We must keep looking over the horizon with an eye on making continuous progress, even when it’s slow or difficult. It’s critical to renew the importance of diplomacy in these moments, and not let foundational achievements like the Dayton Peace Accords slip away. Together with knowledgeable, dedicated individuals who strive every day to preserve and strengthen democracy, we can address the most difficult foreign policy challenges.” 

Photo Credit: U.S. Institute of Peace

Founded by Congress in 1984, the United States Institute of Peace works to address the growing magnitude of dangerous conflicts around the world that threaten U.S. national security. USIP’s Congressional Newsmaker series facilitates discussion on congressional ideas for reducing violence abroad and addressing the nation’s most pressing national security and foreign policy challenges. Learn more about USIP’s Congressional Newsmaker series here