Press Release

Welch Calls for Accountability and Ethics Among Supreme Court Justices

May 2, 2023

Senator Peter Welch (D-VT) today joined the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s hearing on Supreme Court Ethics Reform to call for the creation of a code of conduct for members of the Supreme Court, amidst a series of reports of ethical impropriety among the Justices.  Although public confidence in the Supreme Court is at an all-time low, the court has no formal code of conduct. Sen. Welch centered his remarks on the importance of rebuilding the public’s trust in the court and protecting its role in our democracy. 

 “I would ask this: wouldn’t it simply be wise for the Chief Justice, who is the steward of the public reputation of the court, on his own volition, to adopt a strong code of conduct that the court would adhere to?” said Sen. Welch. “We all have different points of view. But what is the problem with a Supreme Court Justice saying, ‘Let’s have a code of conduct that applies to all of us?’” 

Sen. Welch is a longtime advocate for transparency in government and restoring the integrity of the Supreme Court, working with colleagues across party lines to advance ethics, transparency, and accountability in government. In his role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Welch will continue to push for commonsense ethical requirements to apply to all branches of government, including the Supreme Court.  

For video of today’s hearing, please click here