Press Release

Welch Applauds President Biden’s Decision to Sanction Individuals Undermining Security in West Bank, Calls Action ‘Necessary and Long Overdue’ 

Feb 1, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.Senator Peter Welch (D-Vt.) today released the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s Executive Order allowing for sanctions against extremists in the West Bank who promote violence, forced displacement, and the destruction of property. 

The White House announced sanctions against four Israeli settlers purported to have committed acts of violence against Palestinians and Israeli peace activists in the West Bank. The penalties levied against the settlers include financial sanctions and visa bans.

“Settler violence in the West Bank is intolerable and an increasing threat to U.S. foreign policy and security interests. Innocent Palestinians have been threatened, beaten, and killed, and their homes, schools, and farmland destroyed, with near total impunity. It has been longstanding U.S. policy to support and strengthen Israel’s right to exist as a Democratic and Jewish state as well as to create an independent state for the Palestinians. I applaud President Biden for highlighting the growing settler violence, and sanctioning those who are responsible for, or complicit in, fanning the flames of fear, hate, and intimidation against civilians in the West Bank. The Executive Order released today is a necessary and long overdue step towards establishing peace, security, and stability in the region.” 

In November, Senator Welch called for an indefinite ceasefire in the conflict, citing a need to ensure access to humanitarian relief into Gaza, secure the release of Israeli hostages, and prevent further loss of innocent life.